Year One recently had a trip to the Chiltern Open Air Museum. Wrapped up in colourful jackets, scarves and a delightful section of patterned welly boots, they stomped their way around the muddy grounds and enjoyed spotting a selection of farm animals and wildlife.  Their first task was to make a shelter out of logs, sticks and leaves. The girls worked together and learnt a lot about the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. After a packed lunch they set off for the second workshop of the day; toolmaking! Our trip leader, Jane, told us all about the uses of different rocks and the way people made tools back in the Stone Age. We had learnt about this previously in our Topic lessons, but it was amazing to see the different tools and artefacts in real life. The girls made bow and arrows, sharpened sticks to make spears, dug to find rocks, explored artefacts, used rocks for grinding peppercorns and even made their own rope out of grass and straw! It was a hugely successful day, the girls were exceptionally well behaved and participated in all activities with great enthusiasm.