Our Reception girls had a particularly exciting Summer term when they were taken on a trip to Bocketts Farm.  They had a great time holding the rabbits and guinea pigs during the animal handling session, feeding the goats and watching one being milked.  They were then taken on bumpy tractor ride around the farm.  After a picnic lunch the girls got to cheer on their favourite pig in the pig racing and the day was finished off with a trip to the adventure playground and a bounce on the giant pillow.  There were lots of happy but exhausted faces on the coach trip back to school.

The week after, the girls had a delivery of ‘living eggs’ into the classrooms.  The girls waited patiently, checking the eggs each day for any signs of activity.  Finally, they were treated to watching 5 beautiful yellow fluffy ducklings hatching over a period of 2 days.  As you can see from the photographs the girls had a wonderful time watching the ducklings take their first swim.