Early on Wednesday morning, Year 5 set off on a History trip to Battle Abbey, East Sussex. On arrival, we were met by Alan and Diana who were our workshop leaders for the morning. We were all little scared of Alan who was in full Anglo- Saxon dress sporting a knife, axe and sword.

The girls listened attentively and answered all the questions put to them about the battle (their knowledge really impressed Alan). After a short role-play to demonstrate who wanted the crown of England after Edward the Confessor (played with great dignity by Florence, who had a marvelous death scene), Sophie I was quickly dispatched as the Norse contender Hadrada, leaving Romilly (William Duke of Normandy) and Megan (a suitably battle weary King Harold Godwinson).

Romilly and Megan rallied their armies and we walked to the long terrace overlooking the 1066 battleground. A heated battle took place and Classes 5F and 5R were splendid as the army of Normans and Anglo Saxons. Just as history tells us, Romilly and the rest of 5R were the victors. It was a beautiful sunny day, everyone was excited to explore the grounds of the Abbey, and we were a little sad to leave it behind to return to Richmond.