This week we marked Remembrance Day – not as a whole school as previously but with class assemblies appropriate to the age of the girls followed by a period of silence at 11am on Wednesday 11th November.  The girls have made beautiful poppies, written descriptive and considered pieces and poems and donated generously to the Poppy Appeal.

Previously, our Year 2 have visited our local Poppy Factory.  As they were unable to this year, they visited The Richmond War Memorial. 

On Friday 13th November we put on our scarlet poppies, with little black dots the colour of the dark night sky. We walked across the slate, grey pavement to Richmond Cenotaph. We read out the beautiful poem ‘In Flanders Field’. Then we sketched a lovely picture of the Cenotaph itself.  We walked back to our school (Old Vicarage) and had a Poppy tea party.

Alba Spencer-Brown, 2L