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Welcome to Little Vic

The Little Vic is our Nursery for girls aged 3-4 and is situated just around the corner from the main school in the beautiful Vineyard Life Church.

Girls at the Little Vic will have the opportunity to come up to the main school frequently during the week to experience lessons such as PE, time in the library and life in Reception.

The safe and stimulating environment at the Little Vic enables the girls to develop both their mental and physical confidence away from their parents for the first time. The girls will be assigned a key-person who will act as a form tutor during their time at the Little Vic and will be the first point of contact for all parental questions. Our high staff-to-pupil ratio means that the girls will be able to cultivate close bonds with their teachers, which will foster their feeling of safety and develop their love of learning. Through a mix of exploration, games, investigations and more formal learning sessions, the girls will be covering the basics of phonics, reading, number and pattern. Through play and discovery, they will also cover aspects of history, geography and science as well as the more creative subjects such as art, PE, music and French.


Little Vic’s curriculum is intended to give the girls all the skills they need in order to be confident learners by the time they move into Reception. Yoga and fine motor play will develop both gross and fine motor control, essential for early writing. Philosophy and circle times will encourage speaking, listening and understanding. 

Frequent PSHE lessons, role-play and modelling will equip the girls with the personal, social and emotional skills to engage fully in school life.


Girls are given the option of 5 mornings, 5 mornings and 3 afternoons or 5 full days for the first two terms and by the third term we expect all girls to be attending for 5 full days to best prepare them for life in Reception.